Coppell East Middle School Athletics


City Rivalry vs North ends with 4/6 Victories


CMS East Athletics | 1/29/2024

The 8th grade A team started the night off strong against North. With a lock down pressure defense up top the Cougars could not handle the intensity the girls were bringing. The top of our press had 14 steals alone in the first half, keeping to end the first half with a 27-9 lead over North. Amber Coffey and Abby Webb led the team with 7 steals each. The second half started off a little slow with the girls a little gassed after a stand out performance in the first half, we blame the holiday break. However, the girls knew this was going to be a physical team and they fought under the basket for rebounds and handled the pressure well. Amber and Haley led our team with11 rebounds, and Avary right behind them with 6. Our big win was contributed by Amber dropping 24 points and Avary right behind her with 14 for a win over North, 45 -38. The player of the games goes to Amber and Avary.

The 8th grade B started off pretty evenly matched against cross town rivals North. The girls were down 7-9 in the 1st quarter. At half time, North pulled ahead 9-21. The girls held North to 26 points in the 3rd quarter, but unfortunately fell 15-36. Abby Kancherla led the team with 6 steals and Abbie Pison led with 10 rebounds. Our leading shooter was Caroline Campbell with 6 points. The girls are ready to get in the gym and put in hard work to face West on Thursday, January 25th. Player of the game goes to Claire Mancuso for her aggressive defense throughout the night.

The 8th grade C team started off strong with an 8-3 lead over North in the 1st quarter. North started fighting back and the 4th quarter ended in an 18-18 tie to take the game to overtime. Brinkley Stephen put us in the lead 20-18. Da’Nyah Gilmore got fouled and went to the line and gave the girls a 21-18 lead with 3 seconds left in the game. The girls came away victorious against cross town rivals North.. Da’Nyah Gilmore and Siena Munoz led the team in steals with a combined 11 steals for the team. Brinkley Stephen was the leading scorer with 12 points. Raina Piya and Laila Khalil both had their best games of the season. Player of the game goes to Raina Piya for her growth and determination not only in practice but in the game and Siena Munoz for her incredible hustle all over the court.

The 7th grade A team came out a little unsteady and slow, particularly with the loss of Caroline Crawford to a season ending injury. North matched the Lady Broncos basket for basket and finished the half up 16-12. Avery Bishop fought hard under the basket, but had to come out of the game after a hard fall. Although the team was low on numbers, they were not low on heart and effort. Lauren McSpadden and Maria Agu fought hard under the basket for rebounds and Lainey Wells led the offense without coming off the court. Georgia Wheeless and Nicole Jimenez did a great job on offense taking the ball to the hoop and scoring. Lucy Rives also helped in scoring and played great defense, keeping North’s leading scorer from scoring after the 1st quarter (only free throws). It took a full team effort to beat North with a final score of 33-23. Player of the game goes to Lauren McSpadden who led the team with 16 rebounds, 8 points, and 6 steals!!

The Lady Bronco B team was also down some players and struggled to score. KB Farinde and Abby Chambers, KB Farinde, and Charlotte Nelson hustled on defense, leading the team in steals. Despite their efforts, the B team fell to North 15-23. Player of the game goes to Quinn Penniman, who led in rebounds with 4, 2 steals, and scored 6 points.

Finally, the C team came on the floor ready to avenge the B team loss. These girls were scrappy and willing to do whatever it took to get the job done. However, it wouldn’t be easy!! Amelia Poulides dominated under the basket with 6 rebounds and 8 points. Harper Fiveash and Ellie Aguirre led the defense, with the most steals. Despite their best efforts, the game was tied with less than a minute left! Because of a huge play by Harper, the Lady Broncos were able to defeat the Cougars by scoring a bucket, ending the game 25-23. Player of the game goes to Harper Fiveash for her hustle and heart, scoring 10 points, and securing six steals. Next week, the Lady Broncos have another home game vs their other cross town rival: West!!!